Tziporah offers both personal and group services, covering all aspects of fashion and personal style. She also has an extensive and eclectic wardrobe full of vintage pieces available for media and entertainment rental/purchase.

Style Philosophies and Fact with Tziporah

Individual Services

Tziporah styles individual men and women, as well as art and editorial shoots, television, or film. Recent clients include “The Carrie Diaries” on the CW Network. Tziporah spends years putting together her outfits, but she can help you achieve your own styling goals today.  Whether you prefer chic minimalism, or favor a more layered, luxurious vibe, Tziporah can guide you through constructing a perfectly harmonious look for everyday or for special occasions. And most importantly, she’ll help you craft outfits that express your unique point of view and personality. To book an appointment, visit the Contact page.

Whether you’re looking to cull and focus your existing wardrobe, pull together pieces in a new and creative way, or completely overhaul and expand your collection, Tziporah lends her expertise one-on-one in curating a timelessly unique closet. Tziporah will evaluate your current holdings, taking into account your personal style, body type, and lifestyle, and help you more fully realize your sartorial potential.  If you’re in the NYC area, Tziporah will accompany you on a shopping trip to her favorite stores, including introducing you to the hidden gems where she scores her own unique finds. To schedule an appointment, visit the Contact page.

Museum quality pieces and accessories from Tziporah’s legendary wardrobe that has inspired so much praise and media attention, ranging from the Victorian era to the 1950’s, is available for film and television projects or for designer consultations. Past clients include Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, and Diane Von Furstenberg. Recent clients include “The Carrie Diaries” on the CW Network. To find out more, Contact Tziporah.

Group Services

Tziporah is available to speak to students and faculty at design or fashion schools.  Tziporah guest lectured on style at Parsons The New School for Design for over 10 years, and has an upcoming appearance at RISD.  Tziporah’s presentations combine images and modeling of her own museum-quality wardrobe to teach design students the elements of form and style. She can also meet with students in a classroom setting. To schedule an appearance, visit the Contact page.

Tziporah demonstrates how to elevate dressing to an art form, covering all aspects of choosing and accessorizing outfits to reveal your unique personality.  Part lecture and part “show-and-tell,” the seminar showcases Tziporah’s legendary wardrobe of rare vintage and designer clothes that has inspired some of New York’s top designers and photographers. In teaching the essential elements of style, Tziporah shows you how to craft and express your own signature aesthetic. The seminar emphasizes knowing your own body and dressing creatively–without falling victim to the dictates of designers or trends, and without spending a fortune.  Wherever you are with dressing, Tziporah will bring you to the next level.  Check Upcoming Events  for seminars being held in your area.  If you’re interested in Tziporah coming to your town, Contact here here. Or if you’re interested in hosting a seminar for a “girls night out” event,  let us know.  In the NYC area, private tutorials are also available.

Reviews of “The Art of Dressing” Seminar

Featured in New York Magazine

“Thank you Tziporah, it was a joy to meet you! If anyone hasn’t had the pleasure of going to this class, I do recommend it. Tziporah is a combination of entertainer, genius, artist, archetypal Magician, a flash of Pierrot, 1920’s glamour, with Asian flair, timeless beauty and the energy and fun of a Hummingbird. xx”

Tracy Beckerley

“Thank you, Tziporah, it was an amazing few hours spent with you and all the wonderful women in the class watching you and learning from you. You are an extraordinary teacher and it was a revelation to watch you as you assembled each outfit. I found myself saying, “OK, I would have put that top with that bottom,” and then watching the magic as you layered and layered additional pieces and accessories to turn a beautiful outfit into something so unique and beautiful. I never in the world would have thought to put some of those pieces together. I will look at my closet with very new eyes and rethink how and what I present to the world. I would add to Tracy’s description that you move like a dancer. Even without your extraordinary outfits, I would recognize you a mile away just by the way you move.


“…I have been thinking about what you said all day. I’ve also been mulling over the issue of women becoming invisible as we age. I learned so much more than how to dress as an art form.”


The fabulous Tziporah Salamon my fav “Advanced Style” fashionista opened my eyes to myriad layering possibilities lying dormant in my closet……that was a Super Bowl Sunday of dressing that I cherish! Thanks Tziporah! xo”

Barb Roberts

“…Tziporah Salamon is authentically terrific at what she does…”

Susan Weidman Schneider, Lillith Magazine

“I took Tziporah’s class in San Francisco…. I am a conservative dresser, but her class inspires anyone who wants to look more put together. She gives good recommendations on styles/shapes that would look good on you. She also really encourages the students to be themselves, not to try to copy her necessarily.
T[ziporah] is really doing a public service by looking so lovely everyday and we can join that force by looking put together in our own way. “

Judy E.

“Habits are always good to challenge. Lately, I have become used to not paying much attention
to my clothing choices. With [Tziporah’s] influence…I looked closer into
the depth of my closet and found more interesting clothing. I had fun thinking about what
to wear and making my day a little more special. Thanks [to Tziporah] for shaking it up for me.”

Deborah J.

“Check out Tziporah’s class…showing her works of art and endless charming stories to boot. Trust us, you’ll love it!”

The Factory, San Francisco

“The thing about hanging with Tziporah or even taking her class…it is like being able to be 5 or 6 years old again..the child within gets to come out…have fun, get excited and yet not lose the responsibility of being an elder….”


Tziporah performing “The Fabric of My Life” at RISD Auditorium (Photo: Our RISD)

In this one-woman show, Tziporah weaves a rich tapestry of her journey towards self. Born to Hungarian Jews, both Holocaust survivors and both tailors, Tziporah traces her evolution from her childhood in the newly formed Israel, to her move to America and her nurturing of self through a deep relationship with style as an art form. Tziporah’s struggle is every woman’s struggle: how to navigate life’s currents and arrive safely at one’s own port while looking fabulous and unruffled throughout the journey. Visit the Contact page if you’re interested in arranging a performance in your town.

Reviews of “The Fabric of My Life”

“Tziporah gently leads the viewer into a private world consisting of luxurious
scraps of fabric, meticulous tailoring, swatches of exotic textiles. Once caught in her web of authentic, dramatic life experiences, stitched together with style and panache, one is changed forever. Each garment speaks to her of a connection to the past. Each hat, cloak, shawl echoes a human episode, and so, gives us guidance to experience memories for ourselves.”

Laura Kruger, Hebrew Union College

“Tziporah Salamon is an amazing story-teller and entertainer. Not long ago she performed…[for us]. For days afterward we received calls describing the delightful, surprising, elegant afternoon they had enjoyed, saying Ms. Salamon’s performance was amazing, a feast to the eye. I highly recommend her one-woman show.”

Ziva Naumann, Co-founder of Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center, LA

“Tziporah tells her personal story with feeling, compassion and love…Thanks to Tziporah, a great beauty who inspires us with great ideas and expands visibility in both the inner and public space.”

Nigun HaLev Synagogue, Israel