Tziporah's one-woman show, The Fabric of My Life

The Fabric of My Life is a sartorial autobiography written and presented by Tziporah Salamon. Using pictures, stories, anecdotes and clothes, Tziporah weaves a rich tapestry of her journey towards self. Born to Hungarian Jews, both Holocaust survivors, and both tailors, Tziporah describes her childhood in Natanya in the newly formed state of Israel, the move to America at the age of 9 that broke her heart, her schooling at Erasmus Hall High School, SUNY Buffalo, graduate school in California and quitting a PhD in psychology to come back to NY to pursue fashion. Watch her personal style evolve as she morphs from being the best dressed little girl in Natanya, to the “best in the Hall” in Erasmus, to the most sophisticated coed in Buffalo, to the artistic hippie in Berkeley, to the elegant and creative international woman of today. You will feel her pain and rejoice in her triumphs as Tziporah struggles to find the perfect fit - the right venue that will allow her to utilize her unique skills and intelligence while still retaining her individual sense of style and refusal to compromise her ideals and vision.

You will understand how Tziporah finally reconciles her inner turmoil of loving to dress and wanting to make a difference in the world, of loving beauty and clothes and wanting to contribute to tikkun olam, of wanting to honor her parents’ wishes for her and yet remain true to herself. Tziporah’s struggle is every woman’s struggle - how to navigate life’s currents and arrive safely at one’s own port while looking fabulous and unruffled throughout the journey. Tziporah’s story is a Holocaust story, an immigrant story, a woman’s story, a spiritual story, but ultimately a human story. You will laugh, you will cry, but mostly you will delight in this uplifting and inspiring tale.

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