Tziporahís background, like her name, is unique. The daughter of Hungarian Jews who survived the Holocaust, her father was an expert tailor and her mother a gifted dressmaker. Tziporah grew up surrounded by the richness of cloth and design, watching her parents bring flat, one-dimensional pieces of fabric to life. Tziporah is a dresser - she dresses both herself and others. She elevates the act of dressing to an art form by attending to detail - she notices color, texture, scale and proportion and puts things together in a most unique way. Her creations are not only beautiful but also harmonious and totally original. Tziporah never fails to surprise, delight, intrigue and inspire.

Tziporahís professional experience includes working: as a fashion consultant dressing individual clients - both men and women - helping them to express their own desired self-image; as an instructor at Parsonís School of Design; as an assistant stylist for TV commercials; as a buying agent for a New York based French company; as a production supervisor of hand-knit menís sweaters for private labels; in sales at Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's Women's Duplex and Charivari; as a designer assistant at Victoria Falls, an antique clothing store.

With her formal training in psychology and education - Tziporah holds a Masters degree in education from the University of California, Santa Barbara and has completed all course work towards a PhD in psychology from the California Graduate School of Marital and Family Therapy - she brings to her work a richness of strength, clarity, and intelligence. Tziporah is an artist; her canvas is the human body; her paints are fabric and cloth; her brush is her eyes. And she does her art as a labor of love.

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